First one stop shopping center in Saigon Centre
Core tenant "Takashimaya HOCHIMINH"
Opening on Saturday, July 30th 2016

Last Saturday, July 30th 2016, through the joint venture between Takashiyama Co., Ltd and its subsidiary - Toshin Development Co., Ltd. with Keppel Land (Singapore) and two other Vietnamese companies, the Takashimaya Group officially launched the first one-stop shopping center in Saigon Centre in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam under the shopping center name of “Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh".

Saigon Centre is located on Le Loi Street in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the most crowded shopping area in the city for middle class residents living within 5 km circle tending to shop. This is also the area for the urban development planning where the major road intersection of various public transportation means such as subway, ring roads will be. Many advantages for the location of Saigon Centre – First one stop shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City – help many major stores in retail chains to be opened officially.

By taking advantage of the knowledge and experience accumulated from Takashimaya Singapore, we play the role of main channel to provide information and exchange culture in which Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh shall be the name of shopping center collected the stores with 210 brands for the total area of 15,000 m2 (covering 2 basements and 3 levels), and over 145 other retail stores for total area of 40,500 m2. We wish to give more contributions for the development of consumer culture in the region.

Furthermore, this project is structured from three small projects which is similar to Singapore model including "Retail project," "Real estate project", "Project on operating in a multi-tenant retail environment of shopping center" in order to take advantages of the affiliations.

At Takashimaya Group, the retail store expansion activity into global markets mainly the Southeast Asian countries is a part of our development strategy. Shopping center in Saigon Centre in Vietnam is our third destination after Singapore and China (Shanghai). In addition, in 2017, we also have the plan to invest in Thailand (Bangkok).

In the future, "urban development strategy" of Takashimaya Group will not be only limited within Japan, but also expanded to affiliated sites abroad.

Overview of Saigon Centre/ Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh

[Overview of Saigon Centre]

◆ Name Saigon Centre
◆ Address 65 Le Loi Blvd., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
◆ Commercial area 55,500 m2 (5 levels, 2 basements)
※ Specialty stores: 40,500 m2 (5 levels, 2 basements)
※ Department Store: 15,000 m2 (5 levels, 2 basements)
◆ Parking capacity 500 cars, 5,000 motorbikes
(From basement 3 ~ 6 and a part of basement 1 ~ 3)
◆ Opening date July 30th 2016
◆ Operation hours All weekdays: 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
※ The restaurants on the side of specialty stores of fifth level: 10: 30 ~ 22: 30 (coffee shops operate different hours).
◆ Public holidays Closing for Lunar New Year is estimated 2 days
◆ Development, ownership, management, operation Saigon center (WATCOC Keppel Land Group.)
※ The owner of above-mentioned company: Keppel Land Group, Toshin Development Co., Ltd, Sowatco Group, Resco Group).
◆ Lessor Vietnam Shopping Centre Management Limited Liability Company
◆ Website

[Overview of Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh]

◆ Name TAKASHIMAYA Ho Chi Minh
◆ Store area About 15,000 m2 (3 levels, 2 basements)
◆ Operation hours Weekdays 9:30 ~ 21:30
◆ Public holidays Same schedule as Saigon Centre
◆ Operated by Takashimaya Vietnam Limited
◆ Website

Floor map of Saigon Centre – Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh

Saigon Centre – the first one stop shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City mainly operated under the kind of retail store, officially opened "Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh" shopping center with about 210 brands and 145 specialty stores.

We offer lifestyle stores "luxury and diverse selection" through a series of convenience product lines from luxury brands complete with popular fashion brands for kids and adults, household goods, safety food ... in all respects of life such as food - costumes - homes (casual and fine dining concepts).

  • Saigon Centre (Specilaty stores) : 145 stores

29 new specialty stores in Vietnam, 37 new specialty stores in Ho Chi Minh City, 12 top Japanese brands

  • Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh (Retail stores) : About 210 brands
  • Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh (Retail stores) : About 210 brands

58 new brands in Vietnam, 61 new brands in Ho Chi Minh City, 31 Japanese brands



(Main entrance of Saigon Centre)

(Main entrance of Takashiyama)

(Great Hall inside atrium)

Level 1: The stores on this level represent the superior class of Saigon Centre

Specialty stores area: Featuring top fashion houses and luxury watch.

  • These stores focus on many elegant and luxury brands with reasonable prices in which there are brands to be present first time in Vietnam such as Carolina Herrera, Stuart Weitzman, Dsquared, or
    • Moschino, KENZO, Carolina Herrera, Stuart Weitzman, Dsquared2, Brooks Brothers, TUMI, PANDORA, … 
      A total of 18 stores (7 stores to be appeared first time in Vietnam, 10 stores to be appeared first time in Ho Chi Minh City).

Retail stores area: Jewelry, global brands, fashion jewelry...

  • • These stores focus on brands which are very popular in Vietnam, typically as the cosmetics brands in Japan, sales consultants, and a variety of other well-known brands.
    • Cosmetics: Christian Dior, GUERLAIN, CLINIQUE, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, Shiseido, MAC, Bobbi Brown,

(Level 1 Hall)

(Cosmetics corners on Level 1)

Level 2: Fashion area for discerning ladies

Specialty stores area: Global fashion, fashion accessories

  • These stores focus on many global top brands such as British fashion brands "Topshop/Topman" or contemporary fashion brands from London fog wear of U.K "Ted Baker" ...
    • Topshop/Topman, Ted Baker, Armani Exchange, CHARLES & KEITH, Max&Co…
      A total of 30 stores (5 first stores in Vietnam, and 7 first stores in Ho Chi Minh City)

Retail stores area: Global brands on Lady Fashion, clothing accessories, lingerie, beauty salon, cafés ...

  • These stores focus on fashion brands and leading products to help shoppers feel the noble, elegant wears for ladies with connoisseur fashion sense and fit in many different contexts.
    • Global brands: BOSS ORANGE, Versace Jeans, LOVE MOSCHIN
    • Lingerie brands: Wacoal, Triumph, LA PERLA.
    • Cafe shop: TWG

(Level 2: Lady Fashion)

(Level 2: Global Fashion)

Level 3: Specialty stores for mom-dad and baby.

Specialty stores area: Global Fashion (convenience fashion), fashion accessories

  • These stores focus on new brands to be appeared first time in Ho Chi Minh City such as Under Armour, or "big boss" of sport wear "Adidas", convenience fashion brand GAP, Lovisa lingerie brand, several brands which preferred by the youth.
    • Topshop/Topman, Adidas, Under Armour, NIKE, GAP, Lovisa, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins …
      A total of 27 stores (4 stores to be appeared the first time in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam)

Retail stores area: Men's fashion, kids, baby, travel bags, accessories, daily accessories, customer service

  • These are fashion and household stores to provide dedicated products for home lifestyle such as men’s fashion which required exquisite taste to meet "strong demands on Men’s fashion" as well as accessories, the popular kids’ products.
    • Men's fashion brands: TOMMY HILFIGER, FRED PERRY, Calvin Klein Jeans, New balance.
    • Kids’ fashion and toys: Pigeon, Aprica, LEGO…
    • Lifestyle accessories: Tokyo sun glasses, souvenirs… 

(Level 3: Men’s fashion)

(Level 3: Kids’ products)

Households items for family and kids lifestyle

Specilaty stores area: Households, publications, indoor play zone for kids, services.

  • • Next to the area of household items (home lifestyle items) – spanning across the former shops of Saigon Centre 1 where used to be an attractive place for Men, now, is the place to be re-designed to get more space for indoor play zone for kids - tiNiWorld, so customers can feel secure while shopping and kids can play and relax.
    • Q-Home, Nha Xinh, Phuong Nam Bookstore, Samsonite, tiNiWorld, ...
      A total of 28 stores (2 stores to be appeared first time in Ho Chi Minh City, 1 store to be appeared first time in Vietnam)

Level 5: Food Court area for dissemination of global culinary culture and new cuisine of Vietnam

Specilaty stores area: Restaurant, dining area

  • • Food Court area focus diversified food around the world in which may include Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai cuisines. In particular, Japanese dishes are very popular in Vietnam such as Kuhara hotpot of Kayanoya restaurant, and a series of well-known restaurants specializing in fresh seafood provided by Singapore such as Kuroson, or Japanese cuisine valley "Oedo JapaneseFood Village" where you can enjoy a series of Sushi, Ramen noodles, Japanese okonomiyaki which whet the appetites of the discerning shopper...
    • Crystal Jade (Chinese), Kuhara (Japanese), Kuroson (Seafood), Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC (Italian), Nara Thai Cuisine (Thai), Hokkaido Sachi, Oedo Japanese Food Village (Food Court).
      A total of 18 stores (8 stores to be appeared first time in Vietnam, 9 stores to be appeared first time in Ho Chi Minh City)

Basement 1: The area for youth fashion with new generation

Specilaty stores area: Youth Fashion

  • This area is displayed in combination of international and local styles, with a series of well-known brands such as Mango - convenience fashion brands from Spain, Hong Kong fashion brands with European fashion style, FRENCH CONNECTION - street fashion, and a wide range of leading fashion brands of Vietnam such as, Umbrella - Cashew. Also many glasses shops from Japan such as Owndays also appeared in Vietnam
    • Mango, G2000, FRENCH CONNECTION, Umbrella, Owndays, Cashew…  
      A total of 9 stores (2 stores to be present first time in Vietnam, 1 store to be present first time in Ho Chi Minh City)

Retail stores area: Lady Shoes, handbags, Lady fashion

  • • In addition to specialty stores dealing in all kinds of shoes and bags for top-class in Ho Chi Minh City City, many youth fashion brands with new generation are also on display.
    • Lady Shoes: Cole Haan, ECCO, Clarks, Shoe US, Aldo, GEOX ...
    • Bags: FURLA, Bonia, BRAUN Buffel, CARLO RINO ...
    • Other brands: BANANA REPUBLIC, BENETTON, BEBE ...

(Basement 1: Lady shoes)

(Basement 1: Bag)

Basement 2: Trading basement to supply convenience snacks and safety food.

Specilaty stores area: Supermarket, cuisine, drugstores, restaurants, services.

  • This is the food court to be designed with variety of food line including all kinds of imported food from Europe, the premium food using fresh ingredients and no insecticides from Annam Gourmet Market chain.
    • Annam Gourmet (High quality Market), Baskin-Robbins, Bread Talk, McDonald's, Highlands Coffee....     
      A total of 15 stores (3 stores to be appeared first time in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam)

Retail stores area: Foodstuffs

  • In addition to the food originated locally or in Southeast Asia, Japanese cakes, breads, many popular brands of Japan also appear, Eat in Corner store is also present.
    • Food: Minamoto Kitchoan, Fukujien, ROYCE, Juchheim, Yamazaki Bread, Fisheries Nakajima, Baikosen, Azabu Sabou...

(Basement 2: Food)

(Basement 2: Eat in Corner)

Facility environment and service

For the first time, the system of high quality services in Japanese style is put into operation in Vietnam with the cash advance system in the parking lot, and hand luggage locker service to bring the most convenience for customers, and providing services with the highest standards in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • General shopping advisor counter (Specialty stores on Level 1)
    ⇒ Offer the guidance within shopping center, take the consignment of valuables and hand luggage, lend the baby stroller, wheelchair, renew loyalty cards, customer advisor ...
  • Customer Service Counter (Customer Service located at level 3 of retail stores, Delivery service counter located at Level B2)
    ⇒ Guide customers to make company membership cards, guide customers to redeem loyalty rewards, to change foreign currency, to do the procedures of tax exemption, to receive goods for repairing, for home delivery – to arrange for international shipping.
  • Utilities services of specialty stores
    ⇒ Free Wifi, multifunction toilet (Level 3, 4, 5), baby rooms (Level 2, 4, 5), smoking room (Level 5), ATM banking (Level B2, 1, 5), medical room (Level B2)…
  • Facilities and functional services of retail stores
    ⇒ Free Wifi, multifunction toilet (Level B1, 2), rest rooms and feeding room (Level 3), Facial Salon (Level 2)

Overview of Takashiyama cards issued by Takashimaya Vietnam

Takashimaya has issued many kinds of cards to meet the diverse needs of customers locally to ensure "convenience", "greater incentives" for customers’ shopping.

Also when shopping at other stores in Saigon Centre which do not belong Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh, customers still earn bonus points, with the hottest promotions in the region

Overview of Takashiyama cards issued by Takashimaya Vietnam

Type of cards to be issued Card Smart card Takashiyama visa debit card Takashiyama credit card
Standard card Takashiyama Gold card
Earn Bonus points at Retail stores 1.0% Voucher rebates on your purchase 1.5% Voucher rebates on your purchase 1.7% Voucher rebates on your purchase 2.0% Voucher rebates on your purchase
Earn Bonus points at Specialty stores 0.75% Voucher rebates on your purchase 0.85% Voucher rebates on your purchase 1.0% Voucher rebates on your purchase
Earn Bonus points at other stores 0.1% rebates on your purchase 0.1% rebates on your purchase 0.1% rebates on your purchase
Membership fee per year Free 60.000 VND
(About 300 Yen)
100.000 VND
(About 500 Yen)
200.000 VND
(About 1000 Yen)
Credit card   VISA VISA・JCB VISA
Bonus points can be Exchangeable
Gift cards
  • For Cash Smart card, each purchase of 20,000 VND (about 100 Yen), you can earn 200 bonus points.
  • With over 200,000 bonus points (purchase worth of 100,000 Yen), you can exchange Takashiyama Gift card of 200,000 VND worth (about 1000 Yen).
  • Takashiyama Gift card based on Bonus points can be used at any specialty stores in Saigon Centre

Saigon Centre Location

Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, opposite Le Loi Boulevard, close to the largest central station in Ho Chi Minh City where subway line 4 passing through, it becomes a place for the growth and trade potential. (Ben Thanh station.



Overview of Takashimaya Vietnam Co., Ltd

◆ Company Name Takashimaya Vietnam Co., Ltd
◆ Address 65 Le Loi Boulevard, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
◆ Establishment 13/09/2013
◆ Investment capital 32 million in USD
◆ Representative Director Hideyuki Yamamoto
◆ Business activites Retail, Wholesale, Import Export

Contact information

Takashimaya Vietnam Co., Ltd Communication Department, IR Hanai
Phone: +81-3-3668-7251 E-mail:
Toshin Development Co., Ltd General affair Department Kubota
Phone: +81-3-3708-6114 E-mail:
Takashimaya Vietnam Co., Ltd Corporate Planning Fujita
Phone: +84-28-3827-5555 E-mail: