WHAT'S NEWGood Girl & Bad Boy Superstars Collector’s Edition

Good Girl & Bad Boy Superstars Collector’s Edition


Good Girl & Bad Boy Superstars Collector’s Edition

Carolina Herrera sets off on a tour de force with the Superstars Collector’s Edition, uniting its two
iconic Good Girl and Bad Boy fragrances for the first time in a single limited edition.

Rockstar ready, both fragrances come in a silver bottle of individual design. Whilst the legendary Good Girl stiletto returns with a dazzling glitter finish, the lightning bolt that so defines the Bad Boy universe makes its first foray into new design with a bottle in a flash of reflective chrome. Carolina A. Herrera, Creative Director of fragrances at the House, declares the new arrivals as “sensuality coated with bright energy, and celebrating the confidence that comes with stardom.”

Together, they embody the opposing duality that both fragrances are so famous for. Juxtaposed notes of ingredients as shimmering as silver conjure in scent the delicate play between good and bad, light and shadow. Perfumers Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch were riginally inspired to formulate these classic fragrances by the fascinating duality of the modern woman, and the rebellious light and shadows of the contemporary man’s nature.

The women’s fragrance is housed in a glamorous silver zebra-print box, whilst the men’s resides in one with a classically masculine Art Deco print.

Elevating the spirit of Good Girl and Bad Boy, Carolina Herrera cements itself as a trailblazer
in the world of fragrance, with this collector’s edition created to embrace a festive mood, and to
remind you that we are all Superstars.

Location: Level 1, Ho Chi Minh City Takashimaya Department Store