WHAT'S NEWA new adventure on the horizon with MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE

A new adventure on the horizon with MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE


A new adventure on the horizon with MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE

Montblanc’s irrepressible spirit of adventure and exploration expressed in an new fragrance
inspired by the blue of nature

Blue is the colour of the sky and the seas; the colour of ice-covered mountain peaks and 
expansive lakes. On the horizon of every adventurer, blue always invites discovery and
exploration. It is also the inspiration for Montblanc’s fragrance EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE,
an irresistible invitation to embrace the explorer’s adventurous spirit, and embark on
an epic olfactory journey. 

An ode to the blue of nature, MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE celebrates the Maison’s 
connection with nature, and the distinctive citrus, woody and marine notes of the fragrance reflect it.
Three world travellers and exceptionally talented noses – Givaudan’s Jordi Fernandez,
Olivier Pescheux, and Antoine Maisondieu - have come together to develop an original scent fit for
today’s explorer, one that awakens a desire to discover nature’s palette of blues: sky, lakes
and mountains.

The top notes of MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE can be described as a luminous and
zesty fusion of Italian bergamot and citrus of the finest quality, with the addition of a touch of pink
peppercorn to deliver a fresh spicy note with woody facets reminiscent of pepper and elemi.
Marine accord is the beating heart of the fragrance. The blue aquatic depth that comes from fusing
citrus with the marine and airy notes evokes the freshness of Alpine landscapes, with the subtle
hint of a sea breeze. The fresh, iodine, watery, salty and airy notes contrast with grey amber notes.
One final stop on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia delivers the base notes that define the
structure of MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUE. A singular patchouli of the finest quality
has been exclusively crafted for Montblanc. Cleared from the usual dark earth facets it naturally
comes with, this patchouli is then masterfully combined with refined woods giving it an earthy and
rich base, with leathery facets. 

Exploration is about uncovering the finest ingredients and skills, and bringing them together to create
omething new. Intense, infinite and fresh, the MONTBLANC EXPLORER ULTRA BLUEjourney doesn’t end
with the fragrance.