Kate Spade New York sale up to 50% for selected items
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During 3 days 29, 30, 31/10/2021 besides many attractive offers UP TO 50%, Takashimaya Members will receive special #ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT ON TOP OF RECEIPTS apply to selected brands.
Customers at home and abroad, Ninh Khuong is receiving more and more love from customers because in Ninh Khuong we always serve customers in the most sincere and thoughtful way.
"Happy Falloween" - Dune London special offer with the opportunity to buy shoe care for only VND 10,000 for bills from VND 999,000
Life is made of victories. Yours are daily. Every day, you outdo yourself. Stepping up to every challenge. Achieving great feats. Nothing except your dexterity can match your strength. Failure is not an option.
Only a goddess can cover herself from head to toe in flowers and nothing else. In the heart of a heavenly garden, Olympéa Blossom is freer and sexier than ever before. Her beauty illuminates everything around her. Wherever she goes, her confidence brings intense joy and inspires freedom. She creates her own story, as if composing a bouquet.
Step into the Paco Galaxy and join an intergalactic party where everyone is invited. Where you can be whoever you want to be. No matter who you are. No matter which planet you come from.